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The Importance of the Raw Material: Merino Wool

Wool, a raw material whose fascination continues to grow. At the heart of this fascination is merino wool, a natural fiber of incomparable softness. At Tournie, I put merino wool at the center of my art, and here's why.

Exceptional Softness

One of the most remarkable characteristics of merino wool is its exceptional softness. With fibers of only 16 to 18 microns, it is incredibly fine and delicate to the touch. This means that merino wool jewelry is comfortable to wear directly against the skin, even for the most sensitive people.

A Diverse Color Palette

Merino wool lends itself beautifully to dyeing, offering an almost endless color palette. At Tournie, I like to explore this diversity to create unique jewelry that reflects the richness of natural hues. Each piece is a work of art in itself, capturing the nuances of nature.

Access facility

Merino wool is widely available, allowing us to maintain consistent production of our jewelry. It is produced in many parts of the world, which facilitates our supply. This means you can always find your favorite merino wool jewelry at Tournie.

Ease of Felting

Felting is an essential artisanal technique in the creation of our woolen jewellery. Merino wool felts easily, allowing me to fashion unique pieces with precision. This ease of handling allows me to express my creativity without limits.

Exploring New Paths: Local Wool and Natural Dyeing

I am committed to continually exploring new ways to improve my creations. This includes experimenting with local yarns to find fibers that are as soft as possible while supporting local artisans. Plus, I dive into the art of natural dyeing, I wnat to support artisan dyer who use plants to bring unique colors to life. This passion for innovation is at the heart of my artisanal approach.

In the future, expect to see more local wool and plant-dyed products in my creations. I am determined to push the boundaries of creativity and bring you wool jewelry that tells a story, that of nature and craftsmanship.


Merino wool is much more than just a raw material. She is the pillar of my creativity at Tournie. With its exceptional softness, infinite color palette, ease of access and felting, it inspires me every day to push the boundaries of craftsmanship. Join me on this adventure, discover the magic of merino wool and explore my unique jewelry inspired by nature.

Jeanne Letourneux




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