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We can all grow if we create together. Let's share ourself with other. Let's create and challenge ourself to better our art and community.

I love to create with creative mind, it's fascinating to see art emerge with collaboration.



Nature is by biggest values because we need to find solutions together for the future of our home. I question every decision in my compagnie to be more ecological. For exemple: I choose eco packaging and local fournisor with good attention to act on my ecological value.




I encourage respect, well being and positive communication in every interaction, with partners and clients.



Learning come when we share with others. I want to teach what I've learn to the next generation of artist so that the knowledge continue to pass on. We can all grow if we share ours discoveries. I want to share her knowledge about hand made felted merino wool jewelry. 


Natural fashion

My universe is surrounded with softness, calm and joy. I share my love for simple life, fielded with softness and love. By using natural merino wool, I challenge what we see as jewelry and fashion. We can choose nature everyday when we want to feel pretty. I create hand made fiber jewelry for people who want more nature in their life.


Hand made

By working by hand to create my natural jewelry, I hope to inspire other to create with nature, encourage other fiber artist and promote natural fiber art. 

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