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About me

Who is the artist?


Photo credit: Tristan Gauvreau

My name is Jeanne Letourneux, I am a jeweler and designer of light and timeless jewellery with my favorite matrial: Wool.

Softness, romanticism and poetry are part of my natural universe of simple joy and wool.

With a collection per season, I take time to explore different subject, techniques and element of nature. I then choose my favorites pieces to offer you beautiful and elegant wool jewelry inspired by nature.. 

I invite you to take a look at my shop to discover my newest collection.

You are welcome to write to me to start a conversation. 

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My Story

Growing up in an artistic atmosphere, my three sisters and I made art for fun to discover ourselves. With time, we became a painter, a musician, and a jeweler. It must be said that our parents have always supported us in our artistic journey, and today I am very grateful to them.

Then quickly came the period of college where I studied theater and fine arts. I discovered a passion for hand sewing and sculpture.

Time passed quickly, and before I knew it, I was 21 years old and already flying to Asia. The journey took me to India where I discovered a new way of thinking. Now addicted to travel, I found myself drawn to the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, and beyond.  I loved to explore and immerse myself in new cultures and nature. I discovered art in each of these countries, which inspired me a little more every day. I realized that I wanted to pursue an artistic career, but I still couldn't figure out what my art was.


Photo credit: Tristan Gauvreau


Photo credit: Tristan Gauvreau

In 2018, after the birth of my second child: an artistic revelation took place in me. I knew it now: I needed art to live. By dint of testing and manipulating various materials... It's love at first sight! I have a passion for jewelry and wool felting. I learned about needle felting and wet felting by myself and with a few fellow wool artist.

I experiment techniques for almost two years and discovered what thrilled me the most: creation linked to nature. With my two expert hands, I create my little wool garden, an ode to natural beauty.

So. You now know my story… Between nature, beauty and authenticity, I want to help women feel beautiful wearing nature.

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I make jewelry representing nature with natural fibers because I believe that wearing nature reminds us of its beauty and the reasons to protect it. Also, because handmade objects help to preserve ancestral hand made techniques for future generations.

The 5 most important values for me

  1. Co-creation: "We can all grow if we create together." My vision? I wholeheartedly encourage fiber artists and promote the wearing of natural fibers. I also love to create with other artisan to learn and create together. I have a real fascination with collaboration, seeing art emerge and intertwine in new creative ideas excites me.

  2. Nature is my value par excellence because it is essential to find solutions together for the future of our home. I question every decision of my company to be as ecological as possible, for example, by choosing ecological boxes or local wool from my dear Quebec.

  3. Natural beauty. My universe is surrounded by sweetness, calm, and joy. I share my love for the simple life by making women feel beautiful and confident. By using wool, I challenge the world of fashion and jewelry, breaking entrenched codes. "Yes, you can choose nature on a daily basis when you want to feel pretty."

  4. Education. I strongly believe that learning emerges when we take the time to share with others. I want to pass on what I have studied and give value back to the next generation of artists, especially women. I wish with all my heart that this know-how will continue. We can all grow if we share our discoveries together.

  5. Respect and well-being. I encourage respect, transparency, well-being, and positive communication in each of my interactions, both with my partners and clients. Communicate positively!

Zoom on my wool jewelry

My products
I create fine jewelry using soft merino wool, I invite you to discover my new collection: White lilac




If you want to know more about wool, I recommend that you take a look at the 6 incredible benefits of natural wool available on my site Tournie Bijoux, in the blog section.


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Thanks you!

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