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What I have learned from an advanced felting workshop

This blog is about my experience and thoughts after a felting workshop weekend with Anikò Boros from Baribon. The goal of the weekend was to make her fuschia necklace and practice many other felting techniques. It’s a jewelry inspired by the fuschia flower, hand felt with 14 micron merino wool, soap and water.

It's been two years since I started to use wool for jewelry. I started to look at other creators' work, to know what I liked and disliked.

First, I noticed that I liked precise and small wool sculptures. I was impressed when an artist made something realistic, especially a copy of nature, leaf, flower or animals.

Second, I liked when the fiber jeweler created fine jewelry and mix other material with it, like metal or lace.

Third, I was more attracted with vintage, pearls and floral art inspired jewelry.

I learn by myself with observation and trial and error. I started creating pearl-like jewelry using merino wool and experimented with color and shape. Recently, I explored more organic shapes like flowers. I was happy with the result but I knew I could do more with new techniques.

It’s at that moment I saw that Aniko Boros was teaching a course online. I was impressed with the quality of the art that she made. I signed up for her two days weekend training. I knew that of course I would create a before and after shift in my creative mind.

It was an intense and difficult weekend, I’m used to work by myself at my own paste and it was hard to watch and make at the same time. Let me show you the result of my work with that course.


What did I learn from that weekend?

  • I learned that if I used fine 14 micron merino wool for my jewelry, I could create more precise, soft design and strong.

  • I now know what type of wool to use for different types of projects and when to mix them.

  • I’ve learned that I can mix wool with fabrics and how to do it.

  • I know I don’t want to do like my teacher but her techniques will help me to create my art

  • I’ve learned new technique that will help me to realize my wildest dream.

  • I’ve learned to be proud of my own style, path and progress

  • I’ve learned that I’m unique and no one does like me and then I need to continue.

  • I have learned that it essential to continue to learn from other artist to stimulate my creativity.

Since that weekend, my brain is full. I need some time to assimilate and process all that new information. I feel like I opened a door that reveals 10 other doors. I can't stop thinking about my old technique and how to incorporate my new knowledge and stay me at the same time. I have so many ideas, I need to write them down and make a list because my hands are going slower than my creativity.

Do you feel that sometimes?

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it makes me really happy.

Have a good day!

Jeanne Tournie

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You are curious about Baribon’s workshops, here is the website.

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