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3 outfits, 3 jewelry for summer!

Yes! We can wear wool jewelry in summer. They are soft, light and elegant with any outfit.

Today, I present to you 3 outfits that you can find in your closet and 3 jewelry that would be marvelous with it.

I am a fanatics of summer dress, I buy a new one every summer. I am also a fanatic of natural fiber like hemp, cotton, linen and obviously wool. When I go shopping in a thrift store and I find a natural fiber dress it makes me so happy.

Today, I will show you 3 outfit that will be useful this summer and that you probably already have at home.

Flower power dress

Everyone has a cute flower dress eager to go out in the sun! I want to lay in a bed a grass and flower to listen the buzzing of bees in that dress. Cute and fun wool necklace and earrings are perfect for that. Heart shape bring that happy and lovely side of ourself.

Cotton blouse and jeans

Pretty, simple and useful! Cotton blouse are the best in summer because they breath! It is also prefect to protect for sunburns. I put my sunglasses and my ready to go to the beach. I love my long pearl necklace with that. It brings elegance and vintage feels to a classic outfit.

Pretty in red

My sister gave me that silk dress for my birthday, It would be perfect for a night

out. I think red dress are perfect when we feel sexy. Flower earrings bring a romantic feeling to that outfit. To go out with friend or on a date!

I’m so ready for summer! And you?

Natural fiber clothing and natural fiber jewelry go so well together, all summer long...



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