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Merino wool jewelry

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Jewelry from nature

Tournie is the artist name of Jeanne Letourneux, a canadian jeweler that creates beautiful pieces with  natural merino wool. In her studio, she create fine wool sculpture that take the place of honor of her jewelry.

Inspired by nature and the seasons, Jeanne's jewelry is known for its soft, romantic, and vintage style. Each piece is carefully crafted to evoke the natural beauty and simplicity of the world around us, making it the perfect accessory for any nature lover.

Overall, Jeanne's passion for nature and creativity shine through in every piece of jewelry she creates, making Tournie a unique and beautiful choice for those looking for something special and meaningful.

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Light and soft
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Nature inspired
Hand Made
Natural wool
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Elegant and unique

''My name is Jeanne Letourneux, I am a jeweler and designer of light and timeless jewellery with my favorite matrial: Wool. ... ''