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  • Who is the creator of Tournie?
    Jeanne is the creative craftswoman who makes all Tournie jewelry. She created the brand in 2018 and she is the only person to imagine the jewels, make them, take the photos and offer them to you on her website. She makes each creation from A to Z, from the drawing to the felting, through the cutting to the assembly of the final jewel! She learn by herself traditional wool felting techniques while inventing some of her own techniques! She use extra soft merino wool, as well as local wool from Quebec to make my jewelry.
  • What is the meaning of name Tournie?
    When the artist Jeanne was 14 she had to decide her name for becoming a instructor in a summer camps. She found Tournie wish means to get dizzy in french, you know when you turn on yourself and you get dizzy, you get the idea! It has become her second name and with time became her artistic name. It never left her, it's a part of her. And now it all makes sense because she makes jewelry by rolling the wool in her hands. So she turn wool by hand! :) Everything fall into place!
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  • Where is the wool from?
    The artist buys her wool from Divinity Fiber, a company from Quebec that has a beautiful diversity of colors and high quality. The company has really soft 15-micron merino wool, which is the softest wool, and the artist is always looking for the best quality and softness. It is paradise for her. At some point, she would like to collaborate with locally hand-dyed wool from Quebec, but the opportunity has not presented itself yet. She is also interested in botanical dye and will be experimenting with natural dyes in the future. Don't hesitate to communicate with her if you have information on the subject.
  • Is it confortable?
    It is very comfortable! It is very light and soft. The artist uses very soft wool, especially when it's directly on the skin, like necklaces.
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  • What happens if it get wet?
    It's okay if the jewelry gets wet; it will dry naturally on its own. If it's dirty water or another kind of liquid, put the jewelry in soapy water for 5 minutes and gently rinse it in warm water. Then let it dry by air on a flat surface.
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  • Does it smell?
    No, it does not smell because I use a lot of soap to felt it. Usually, it smells like soap. The jewelry of Tournie can be used as an oil diffuser. You can add one drop of essential oil on the wool to bring your favorite smell with you everywhere!
  • Can it be clean?
    Yes it can be clean, you take a recipient avec put warm soapy water for minimum 30 minutes, then gently rince with warm water. Let it air dry on a flat surface.
  • Can I use essential oil on it?
    Yes, your wool jewelry can become an oil diffuser. Just add one drop onto the jewelry and that's it! To clean it, go to the section: "Can it be cleaned?" Warning: Apparently, some oils can stain wool but it's pretty rare. Be sure to research your essential oils on wool to make sure that it's okay on wool.
  • Is it possible to return or exchange a creation?
    Yes, it is possible to return them within a legal period of 15 days (at your expense). As there is no stock available, it is not possible to make an exchange. However, in case you want another of my creations instead, I will refund the first order and you can then order the new piece of jewelry you want.
  • Is it possible to ship intertionally?
    Yes, international delivery is entirely possible.
  • How is the jewelry sent? Is gift possible?
    The artist pack each jewel in an eco-responsible cardboard drawer box (FSC standards) with the brand logo that she place in tissue paper in a shipping box. If you want to add a note in the case of a gift, do not hesitate to add this information when ordering!
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